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The Laundress New York Cleaning

All cleaning products are not the same. Some products are much better for you and your family and for the environment. When you want the best earth-friendly cleaning products and tools that are safe and healthy, choose The Laundress New York cleaning supplies. There are no better products on the market that will properly clean your home and your clothes that are environmentally safe.

Using The Laundress Products

The Laundress New York cleaning products and tools are available for cleaning clothing and for cleaning your home. We carry an entire line of products that will make caring for your home easier and better than ever.

We have a wide variety of products for laundering your clothes. Always start with the right detergent for the clothes that you are washing. Begin with the stain solution for any stubborn stains that you have on your clothing or linens. You only need a few drops to quickly and effectively eliminate even the toughest stains.

Choose the detergent that is best suited for the load of laundry that you are doing. Our classic laundry products have a clean, fresh scent that is ideal for all members of the family. Choose between detergents for whites, darks, denim, sport, delicates, wool and cashmere, and baby. Each will provide you with the best results for that particular type of laundry load.

You can also include some of The Laundress all purpose bleach alternative to the load to improve the cleaning power for tough dirt. Rub the wash and stain bar along cuffs and shirt collars or on any stains before you put the clothes in the washing machine. You will have the cleanest, freshest laundry and your clothes will last longer as a result of proper laundering with The Laundress New York cleaning products.

Cleaning Around the House

Cleaning your home has never been more pleasant or environmentally friendly than when you use The Laundress New York cleaning products. The glass and mirror cleaner is non-toxic and unscented, yet provides a beautiful, non-streak clean to your windows and mirrored surfaces.

You don’t need to clutter your cabinets with a lot of different cleaners. Instead, try our surface cleaner. It is environmentally friendly and designed to clean all types of surfaces in your home including sinks, counters, appliances and fixtures, stainless steel and wood. The product is safe for use around children and pets.

In the kitchen, our dish detergent has low suds and will cut through grease and caked on messes to give your dishes a beautiful shine. Wash your hands after cooking with our liquid hand soap. It contains a blend of vegetable glycerin, Vitamin E, aloe and soy protein to gently but effectively wash dirt away. The antibacterial kitchen soap bar is also perfect for washing your hands and for cleaning your cooking tools and cutting board to keep them free from germs.

We carry a full range of high quality The Laundress New York cleaning supplies to keep your clothes and home looking their best.