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Why Buy Match?

Match Pewter

Pewter is a metal alloy that is made with several different metals including tin mixed with copper or other materials. This mixture makes it malleable so that it can be formed into a variety of useful and durable items. Pewter is a beautiful gray color that makes it attractive for use in all types of décor. Pewter has been known to be around as far back as 1450 BC and was used by Romans and Egyptians for table wear as well as for decorative items.

Today’s pewter items are more beautiful than ever and are made with high-quality materials and workmanship. Match Pewter is one of the most well-known of all pewter companies in the world. Match pewter is carefully handcrafted by artisans in northern Italy. The artisans have learned their craft from generations who have come before them.

Match Pewter Products

There are many Match Pewter products available for sale. They make perfect wedding, anniversary or birthday gifts and are also wonderful to purchase for your own home. Pewter candlesticks and pewter candle snuffers are traditional objects that have a timeless appeal. You can dress them up or down and they look wonderful as part of any table decoration.

Bowls, trays, platters and fruit compotes make great centerpieces and have a variety of uses. Dinnerware uses pewter around the edges with ceramic dishware that is durable and safe. Flatware, serving pieces and table service complete the set. You can create an enduring and luxurious look with pewter kitchenware.

There is also a large selection of pewter items that can be used in other rooms of the home. In the bathroom, choose pewter tissue boxes, soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, trays, drinking cups, wastebaskets, vanity mirrors and more. Pewter has a gorgeous luster that looks great in the bathroom.

Around the home, pewter makes a spectacular way to add a touch of beauty to the room. Pewter picture frames are available in several sizes and are a great way to highlight any photo. Pewter clocks are stunning and can be used in bedrooms or in any other room of the home. You can add more pewter pieces to your collection over time.

Caring for Pewter

While pewter is as beautiful as silver it doesn’t require as much maintenance. Since pewter tarnishes at a slow rate you won’t need to polish it very often. It is important to dry your pewter pieces quickly once you are done using them. You can clean your pewter pieces by hand using mild dishwashing soap and a soft cloth in warm water.

Match dinnerware is generally dishwasher safe as long as you use a low-temperature setting and mild soap. Allow them to cool completely before you handle them. Do not soak pewter ware in water before washing. Always follow the cleaning instructions for your particular item.

Pewter pieces are affordable and durable items that will be passed down from generation to generation. Choose from our large selection for your next pewter purchase.

Match 1995 Pewter Frame

You have some wonderful photos of your family, friends and loved ones and now you need to find a way to display them. You need a photo frame that will do your pictures justice and will enhance the images. A Match 1995 pewter frame is the ideal option for your photo displays. Our pewter photo frames are made of high quality materials and are a lavish option whether you want to hang a photo or place it on a desk, table or mantle.

Elegant Pewter

Pewter is a luxurious metal that is as beautiful as silver but less expensive. Pewter is a metal alloy that usually contains a large portion of tin combined with other metals such as copper or silver. This makes pewter one of the best materials for use in pitchers, kitchen utensils and photo frames.

Pewter has great durability but it also malleable and can be molded and formed into various shapes and embossed with designs. Its natural silver tone finish makes it the perfect alternative to silver or silver-plated products. Because pewter tarnishes very slowly it needs very little care to ensure that it maintains its beautiful appearance.  

Match 1995 pewter frames are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They are the perfect way to show off our photos because their color complements the light and shadows in your pictures.

Our pewter frame collections include a variety of styles including elegant plain frames, scalloped edged frames, and beaded details and elaborate engraving. You are sure to find exactly the look that you prefer and that will fit with the décor of your room. Your photos will look wonderful when they are paired with a high quality pewter frame.

About Match Pewter

Match pewter is the finest name in pewter products. Every piece of Match pewter is a work of art. It is created by artisans located in beautiful Northern Italy. Our Match pewter is lead-free and is FDA approved. Our pewter is made from an alloy of tin, copper and antimony and will retain the beautiful look with very little work. In order to be considered true pewter it must contain at least 92 percent tin.

Our Match 1995 pewter frames and all of our pewter is made from high quality pewter that is 95 percent tin. That is why you will see a “95” stamp on all of our pewter products. You can easily dust pewter or clean it damp cloth. The best way to preserve and shine your pewter is with Match pewter polish. Your pewter will continue to look great for many years to come. Our pieces are heirloom quality so they will be passed from generation to generation.

Our Match 1995 pewter frame collection includes large and small round shapes, square frames and rectangular options. Each of our frames is marked with the artisan’s hallmark that indicates his ability. Pewter frames make the ideal gift whether for a wedding, anniversary or holiday occasion. The recipient will be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time he glances at the photo displayed in the Match 1995 pewter frame.